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Online Giving for Nonprofit Organizations

Once your organization’s profile has been completed and published, credit card gifts can be processed through the system. Our goal is for potential donors to find your organization, learn about your programs and be able to make online donations immediately. Credit card giving through this system plays a critical role in encouraging immediate response to your organization’s needs.

We have tried to answer many possible questions below about credit card processing through the system. Please feel free to call or email our Nonprofit Central team with additional questions at 949-553-4202 or [email protected]. Additionally, please understand that none of the Frequently Asked Questions below supersede the Nonprofit Central Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and terms on the Donate Now form. Please review these documents.

Donation FAQs:

Q: How do I know if my profile is published? Can donors find and give to my organization if I just started my profile?

A: ConnectOC Nonprofit Central will launch in June 2013. All approved profiles will be published at that time. To verify if your profile is published, visit and search for your organization. Only complete, published profiles can receive donations online. Your profile is not viewable by potential donors or the community until your profile is approved by OCCF staff.

Q: How will online donations be processed?

A: Credit card donations will be processed via a reputable third party, ensuring a secure and simple way for donors to give through the site directly to your organization.

Q: How does my organization receive gifts?

A: Monthly, OCCF staff will process gifts to nonprofit organizations and a check will be mailed to your organization. The check will be written to your organization name as listed in Nonprofit Central on the “Organization name” line and mailed to the primary address in the system. One check will be processed each month with all donations for that month.

Q: How can my organization see who has donated?

A: Currently, this information is sent via email as an Excel attachment. Soon you will be able to access and track credit card gifts in Nonprofit Central Home online. Donors’ names will remain viewable; every month you will be able to see new gifts from donors as the transactions are approved for processing by our staff. This will include contact information as long as the gift is not anonymous. We highly encourage you to send the donor a thank-you note. All gifts will be acknowledged for IRS purposes by an online receipt from OCCF at the time of the donation.

Q: What is the credit card processing fee? How does it compare to other providers?

A: The Orange County Community Foundation takes no fees from contributions. Fees assessed by the credit card companies and other vendors total approximately 5%. This is comparable to other online credit card processing systems like Network for Good or Just Gives.

Q: Is OCCF taking a fee?

A: No, the only fee assessed is by the third parties for the credit card donation. OCCF is receiving the gift and re-granting the net gift (minus credit card processing fee) to your organization. On the donor’s credit card statement, the gift will show as a charge from the Orange County Community Foundation and the gift receipt will come from us. We’ll transfer the gifts to you monthly in one check. If you send donors to this website, please be sure to use clear messaging about how donations are processed. We can assist with messaging if you would like.

Q: This sounds like a great system. Can I use the system for events or membership? 

A: No. We cannot accept gifts in exchange for which you will provide any item of value or membership. The check, terms of service, and agreement will reiterate that no goods or services can be received by the donor for gifts made through the Nonprofit Central site.