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Community Autism Now

 107 E. Mariposa, A
 San Clemente, CA 92672
[P] (714) 352-9714
[F] --
[email protected]
Jodi Powell
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Organization DBA Special Fishies:Aquatic Freedom and Education
Former Names --
Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years No
Employer Identification Number 45-4557018 00000


Mission StatementMORE »

Mission Statement:

Provide financial help for children with special needs to receive swim lessons, go to aquatic camp, or any type of aquatic service. Educate aquatic centers on ways to accomodate special need swimmers to their facilities through sensitivity training. 


Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Provide financial help for children with special needs to receive swim lessons, go to aquatic camp, or any type of aquatic service. Educate aquatic centers on ways to accomodate special need swimmers to their facilities through sensitivity training. 


FinancialsMORE »

Fiscal Year 2017
Projected Expenses $30,000.00
Projected Revenue $50,000.00

ProgramsMORE »

  • Aquatic Freedom Financial Aid Grant
  • Strengthening special needs programs

Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2014 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2013 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2012 (%)

For more details regarding the organization's financial information, select the financial tab and review available comments.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

Provide financial help for children with special needs to receive swim lessons, go to aquatic camp, or any type of aquatic service. Educate aquatic centers on ways to accomodate special need swimmers to their facilities through sensitivity training. 


Background Statement

CAN started by LeeAnn Segan in 2011 after having her daughter diagnose with ASD. She wanted a place for people to go and get help finding the resources they need. Although her life has changed and is no longer on the board, she remains an active and valuable advisor for us.
In September 2016, Jodi Powell came on as the new President with a new mission. Expanding from not just Autism but all special needs and focus in on the aquatics area since this is the area that Jodi knows and is passionate about having worked in it for over 15 yrs.

In 2013 she met a little 2 year old boy with SMA that touched her heart to the core. He brought back  memories of her father who passed away from MS. A desire to give all children the opportunity to feel free and strong, to swim, to float, and to laugh. Now her own wonderfully spirited toddlers have taught her patience, and that not all Special Needs look the same by any means. High needs, spirited, ADD, ADHD, Autism-, Cerebral Palsy, SMA, Downs Syndrome and the list goes on…As one prominent physician whom I will call Dr. P said “I can not think of any disease in which swimming would not be beneficial”.

Water is healing to all


Impact Statement

2012-2015 Top Accomplishments:

* Recently restructured the board and implemented new business plan

* Provided several free informational seminars to the public.

* Coordinated several community events throughout Orange County which included family fun nights, a teen dance, ran the Halloween Boo Cruise for the Dana Point Harbor 5 years running, Christmas Party.

* Coordinated successful toy donation drives which delivered toys to families affected by Autism.

* C.A.N. delivered up to six financial aid grants per year to families in need.

2016 Accomplishments:
  Successful Boo Cruise
Creation of new board members, new mission statement and wonderful new changes
2017 Goals
Give minimum 10 scholorships for swim lessons or activities

Needs Statement

Our current needs are 

* Monetary donations to fund financial aid grants to families affected by special needs for aquatic services.

* Monetary donations to fund financial aid grants to private sector companies seeking to provide quality programs for children on the autism spectrum. We seek to provide up to $2,000 per financial quarter per community program.  

*Monetary donations to help provide adequate training for staff at qualified private sector companies seeking to provide quality programs for children with special needs; to allow them to better serve the community.


CEO Statement

May every special child find a love for and a freedom in the water, they need a little help getting to the water and we need your help! We aren't just a non profit board, we are a family. 

Board Chair Statement

Thank you for your interest in CAN dba Special Fishies: Aquatic Freedom and Education. With the public's assistance we can continue to provide financial aid to children with special needs that otherwise would never find a way to find freedom in the water.   All of our board members have been affected by Autism and other Special Needs and their heart is in helping those in need. Please help CAN dba Special Fishies : Aquatic Freedom and Education to continue to provide these much needed services and freedom to these children and educate the public in the aquatics field about children with special needs. 

Other Ways to Donate/Volunteer

To donate to CAN dba Special Fishies:Aquatic Freedom and Education you can either use the Paypal button on the homepage of our website and FB page ( or mail a check to 107 E. Mariposa, A. San Clemente, CA  92672
To volunteer with Special Fishies:Aquatic Freedom and Education please email [email protected]

Geographic Area Served

Central Orange County
West Orange County
South Orange County
North Orange County

Serves all of Orange County 

Organization Categories

  1. Public & Societal Benefit - Fund Raising & Fund Distribution
  2. Youth Development - Youth Development Programs
  3. Youth Development - Youth Development Programs



Aquatic Freedom Financial Aid Grant

Requesting funding for scholarships that will allow children with any special need or disabilities access to life-transforming aquatic programs.
Thanks to a number of individuals who have invested their efforts, expertise and hard-won financial resources, CAN dba Special Fishies: Aquatic Freedom and Education is able to assist Orange County children who have special needs find a love for and a freedom in the water.

Program details: 10 children will receive 10 weeks of Aquatic program classes. One class per week. One class = 20-40 minutes. Each class is taught by a credited special needs swim school
Budget  $7,700.00
Category  Youth Development, General/Other Youth Development, General/Other
Population Served People/Families with of People with Disabilities People/Families with People of Developmental Disabilities Children and Youth (0 - 19 years)
Program Short-Term Success 
By the end of a 10 week social skills therapy program the child should show improvement in understanding friendships and gaining new friends. Improvements in taking turns at school, listening to others, following directions, and asking for help should have improved. Children should have a better understanding of being responsible for their behavior and doing nice things for other peers.
Program Long-Term Success 
Social skills programs are so important to the growth of a child with autism. The child who lacks social skills often experiences behavioral difficulties in school, delinquency, inattentiveness, peer rejection, emotional difficulties, bullying, difficulty in making friends, aggressiveness, problems in interpersonal relationships, poor self-esteem, academic failures, concentration difficulties, isolation from peers, and depression. Social skills are the basis of successful interactions with other people. A pilot study, “The benefits of social skills groups for young people with autism spectrum disorder” in 2009 showed that after a group of children attended a five week social skills program the results showed that the children were able to: Demonstrate understanding of friendships following intervention and children were able to gain new friends after the program.

The results of this study can be found here:

Program Success Monitored By 
Tracking the success of the program would be done through regulary meetings with the supervising party of the program. Each child's progress would be recorded before and throughout the program.
Examples of Program Success 
The socials skills program will be noted as meeting expectations if the following behaviors have been noted to have increased by the supervising party:
  • Listen to others
  • Follow the steps
  • Follow the rules
  • Ignore distractions
  • Ask for help
  • Take turns when you talk
  • Get along with others
  • Stay calm with others
  • Be responsible for your behavior
  • Do nice things for others.
  • Making new friends.
  • Improved social interaction with peers.
  • Sharing

Strengthening special needs programs

 With the drastic raise in diagnosis's which fall under the Special needs umbrella, many small companies are looking for ways to accommodate this new sub-set of the population by offering specialized programs. However many do not know how to effectively work with these children and successfully manage the challenges they face. C.A.N. wants to step in and help them create programs that the families and the community can be proud of and confident in.  Such programs will help the families of special needs children to not feel separated from their communities, but instead feel integrated as a part of it.  To do so we will provide access to training offered via a Board Certified Behavior Analyst or (BCBA) to the staff of such companies and provide financial grants to the families wanting to participate in their programs. Companies, or as we like to call them, connections, with staff members who are properly educated and trained better to manage the unique needs of this very divers sub-set of the population will be able to advertise as such and attract more families, thus helping a greater number of children thereby creating a stronger more unified community. C.A.N. will provide access to BCBA and cover up to 50% of training costs for three or more staff. Up to $225 per connection. C.A.N. will provide quarterly grants to connections which covers up to 50% of a 10% raise per trained staff member with a $1.00 per hour cap, and 50%-60% of program /session costs per child up to 10 children per connection. Up to about $3,000 per connection per quarter. Program cost per connection fall between $1,800 and $3,250 per quarter


Budget  $1,200,000.00
Category  Public, Society Benefit, General/Other Public Assistance
Population Served Children and Youth (0 - 19 years) Children Only (5 - 14 years) K-12 (5-19 years)
Program Short-Term Success  In the short term such programs will bring the community together and create a better awareness of autism.  As these programs develop they will teach these children to have a positive self image and to be self confident. They will be less likely to be victimized by bullies and sexually harassed. Children on the autism spectrum are at least five times more likely to be bullied and harassed as neuro-typical children are.   
Program Long-Term Success  Long term goals center around reducing the number of adults who are reliant upon state and federal resources for their survival. Providing todays special needs children with the tools to have a positive self image and self confidence will enable them to become strong and functional self reliant, and even outstanding members of their community as adults. Of the $260 billion dollars being spent every year on programs for autism, over 2/3rds, or nearly 40% of that is being spent enabling adults to have residential care, state and federal assistance program because they have a drastic reduced income capacity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014 only about 20% of adults who were special needs as children, were employed. 2/3rds of children with autism are considered mid to high functioning, and can with the proper resources flourish into contributing members of society. Furthermore up to 10 % of children considered to be low functioning have improved to being considered mid to high functioning as they enter adolescence.  Let's aim more funds towards helping autistic children overcome some of their challenges and become self confident and influential members of their communities.    
Program Success Monitored By  Each connection will keep detailed reports of the progress in terms of social skills and the desired physical skills, as well as an open dialogue with the parents or care takes of the children they work with. Parents will have the opportunity on a quarterly basis to rate how they feel about the program and it's affects on their children.  Parental reviews and traceable progress reports will help determine subsequent grants for each connection. If a connection fails to live up to their end of the agreement they will get less, or no grant at all the following quarter. 
Examples of Program Success  --


CEO/Executive Director Mrs Jodi Powell
CEO Term Start Sept 2016
CEO Email [email protected]
CEO Experience --

Former CEOs and Terms

Name Start End
LeeAnn Segan Dec 2011 Feb 2016

Senior Staff

Name Title Experience/Biography
Mrs. Ali Cali Director of Marketing --
Elizabeth Strother Vice-President / Director of Public Relations Elizabeth has voluntered with CAN for nearly a year 1/2. Along with having  a BA in Sociology, and one in Applied Behavioral Science, Elizabeth has a lifetime of experience with spacial needs children, ans a son with Autism. 


Award Awarding Organization Year
-- -- --


Affiliation Year
-- --

External Assessments and Accreditations

External Assessment or Accreditation Year
-- --



Staff Information

Number of Full Time Staff 1
Number of Part Time Staff 0
Number of Volunteers 10
Number of Contract Staff 3
Staff Retention Rate % 75%
Staff Professional Development Yes

Staff Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 0
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 4
Male: 0
Not Specified --

Plans & Policies

Organization has Fundraising Plan? Yes
Organization has Strategic Plan? Under Development
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Management Succession Plan Under Development
Organization Policies And Procedures Yes
Business Continuity of Operations Plan No

Risk Management Provisions

Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No

Reporting and Evaluations

Management Reports to Board? Yes
CEO Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency No N/A

Government Licenses


CEO Comments


Foundation Comments



Board Chair Jodi Powell
Board Chair Company Affiliation President
Board Chair Term Sept 2016 -
Board Co-Chair MRS Elizabeth Strother
Board Co-Chair Company Affiliation Vice-President
Board Co-Chair Term Sept 2014 -

Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Mrs. Ali Cali -- Voting
Mrs. Veronica Hoggatt -- Voting
Mrs. Jodi Powell -- Voting
MRS. Elizabeth Strother Community Volunteer Voting

Constituent Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Youth Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Additional Board Members and Affiliations

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Board Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 0
Caucasian: 4
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: --
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 4
Male: 0
Not Specified 0

Board Information

Board Term Lengths 5
Board Term Limits 0
Board Meeting Attendance % 75%
Written Board Selection Criteria Yes
Written Conflict Of Interest Policy Yes
Percentage of Monetary Contributions 50%
Percentage of In-Kind Contributions 100%
Board Orientation Yes

CEO Comments


Foundation Comments


Standing Committees



Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2014 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2013 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2012 (%)

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017
Projected Revenue $50,000.00
Projected Expenses $30,000.00
Form 990s

2017 990N

2014 199n e-postcard

2013 199n e-postcard

2012 the good one 990 n

Audit Documents --
IRS Letter of Exemption

IRS Letter of Determination

Prior Three Years Total Revenue and Expense Totals

Fiscal Year 2014 2013 2012
Total Revenue $3,232 $4,778 $4,804
Total Expenses $3,519 $5,237 $3,282

Prior Three Years Revenue Sources

Revenue By Revenue Source
Fiscal Year 2014 2013 2012
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
-- -- --
Government Contributions $0 $0 $0
    Federal -- -- --
    State -- -- --
    Local -- -- --
    Unspecified -- -- --
Individual Contributions $302 $607 $565
Indirect Public Support -- $600 $1,080
Earned Revenue -- $250 $400
Investment Income, Net of Losses -- -- --
Membership Dues -- -- --
Special Events $2,930 $3,318 $1,375
Revenue In-Kind -- -- --
Other -- $4 $1,384

Prior Three Years Expense Allocations

Expense By Type
Fiscal Year 2014 2013 2012
Program Expense $1,683 $2,419 $425
Administration Expense $615 $639 $2,443
Fundraising Expense $1,221 $2,178 $414
Payments to Affiliates -- -- --
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 0.92 0.91 1.46
Program Expense/Total Expenses 48% 46% 13%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 38% 48% 14%

Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year 2014 2013 2012
Total Assets $704 $1,066 $2,652
Current Assets -- -- --
Long-Term Liabilities -- -- --
Current Liabilities -- -- --
Total Net Assets $704 $1,066 $2,652

Short Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2014 2013 2012
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities nan nan nan

Long Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2014 2013 2012
Long-term Liabilities/Total Assets 0% 0% 0%
Endowment Value --
Spending Policy Income Only
Percentage(If selected) --
Are you currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Purpose --
Campaign Goal --
Capital Campaign Dates -
Capital Campaign Raised-to-Date Amount --
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? --

CEO Comments

Nothing was done with the CAN the last 18 mos aside from one fundraiser each year. This will now change. We have a new vision with a lot of heart and hope

Foundation Comments

Due to its size, this organization files a 990N. Summary financial data is per the financials provided by the organization and consultation with the organization.


Other Documents

No Other Documents currently available.