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Friendly Center, Inc.

 PO Box 706
 Orange, CA 92856
[P] (714) 771-5300
[F] (714) 771-7627
[email protected]
Cathy Seelig
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Organization DBA Friendly Center
Former Names --
Organization received a competitive grant from the community foundation in the past five years No
Employer Identification Number 95-2479833 00000


Mission StatementMORE »

Providing stability, opportunity, and hope to children and families in poverty.

Mission Statement

Providing stability, opportunity, and hope to children and families in poverty.

FinancialsMORE »

Fiscal Year 2019
Projected Expenses $3,500,000.00
Projected Revenue $3,500,000.00

ProgramsMORE »

  • The Power of Me
  • Comprehensive Family Services

Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2018 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2017 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2016 (%)

For more details regarding the organization's financial information, select the financial tab and review available comments.


Mission Statement

Providing stability, opportunity, and hope to children and families in poverty.

Background Statement

Friendly Center was established in 1924 in the city of Orange. Today, Friendly Center consists of multiple nonprofit comprehensive family and community resource centers located in gang influenced pockets of deep poverty in the cities of Orange, Placentia, and Stanton. Over 20 free programs and services are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese for low to extremely low-income families struggling with poverty and living in central Orange County. Programs and services can be divided into two broad categories.  The Power of Me programs provide free academic tutoring for K-6th grade students that combines S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) components with the goals to reduce drop-out rates, promote high school graduation and continued education.  Comprehensive Family Services programs address the barriers that poverty stricken families face by offering free services and programs (in English, Spanish and Vietnamese) to help families stabilize and move toward self-sufficiency.  Comprehensive Family Services provide wrap-around support as well as emergency services that work to physically, economically and emotionally strengthen families.

Impact Statement

With four locations in Orange County, we provide life-changing assistance to more than 1,000 low-income families every year through our free programs and services. We can report that 95% of the families that complete our case management program remain stable and self-sufficient one-year post completion of the program. All of this is made possible through the help of our volunteers and the financial support from our donors--allowing Friendly Center to make a difference every day in the lives of children, families and seniors in need.

Needs Statement

In spite of Friendly Center's growth over the past several years, the need for our services continues to increase as we struggle to keep up with requests for help from the community we serve.  Our most pressing needs are:

  • Additional volunteer tutors for our after-school tutoring programs.
  • Board members with backgrounds in finance, education, human resources and marketing/public relations.
  • Funds to build core capacity to help us expand our outreach into additional underserved areas in Orange County.

CEO Statement


Board Chair Statement


Other Ways to Donate/Volunteer

Please visit our website for volunteer opportunities and online donations. For in-kind donations please contact main office at (714) 771-5300. Please direct all mail to PO Box 706, Orange CA 92856.

Geographic Area Served

North Orange County
West Orange County
Central Orange County
Orange County, geographic area depends on program being provided. Offices located in Orange, Placentia, and Stanton.

Organization Categories

  1. Human Services - Family Services
  2. Education - Elementary & Secondary Schools
  3. Mental Health & Crisis Intervention - Counseling



The Power of Me

Friendly Center's after school tutoring program began in 1998 to address the problems of school failure, high school drop-outs, and gang involvement that plague children and youth in our community. Today, our program, The Power of Me, provides free academic tutoring programs at three locations for kindergarten through middle school students from low-income families. Programs include homework help and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) focused enrichment activities to close the achievement gap and reduce dropout rates among at-risk K-8th grade students. Friendly Center's goal is to help our students achieve high school graduation and post high school educational opportunities. We know the generational cycle of poverty can be broken through the successful education of our young people.
Budget  $165,000.00
Category  Education, General/Other Afterschool Enrichment
Population Served Children Only (5 - 14 years) Poor,Economically Disadvantaged,Indigent At-Risk Populations
Program Short-Term Success  Power of Me students come consistently, five days a week, to receive homework help, engage in STEAM activities, learn how to apply their strengths, work collaboratively with other students, and become engaged, confident learners.
Program Long-Term Success  Friendly Center's long-term successful outcome for The Power of Me is high school graduation and higher education for the children of the low-income families that we serve.
Program Success Monitored By  Parent and student surveys.
Examples of Program Success  --

Comprehensive Family Services

Comprehensive Family Services (CFS) addresses the barriers that poverty stricken families face by offering free programs and services that work to physically, economically, and emotionally strengthen families. The goal is to break the cycle of generational poverty, creating stronger households enabling children to grow up in safer communities. Using the family resource center model, low-income families and individuals have access to an array of over 20 free services and programs at each of our sites. Friendly Center is deeply rooted in the community and is a trusted resource offering an environment that is welcoming, respectful, and culturally competent. English, Spanish and Vietnamese languages are spoken, reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve. CFS are responsive programs that are designed to help low-income families, as well as those in emergency situations, by providing services, support, and encouragement as they move toward self-sufficiency.
Budget  $1,780,000.00
Category  Human Services, General/Other Family-Based Services
Population Served Families Children and Youth (0 - 19 years) At-Risk Populations
Program Short-Term Success 

When we see improvements in the five focus areas measured by our assessment questionnaire, we know we are helping the family progress toward better functioning and stabilization. The areas measured by various indicators are parental resilience, parenting and child development, social connections, social and emotional competence of children, and concrete support in time of need.  Improvement in any of the indicators by 1 point or more is considered a successful outcome.

Program Long-Term Success 

Families are screened by family service specialists and immediate needs are addressed. Families with multiple needs are then referred to meet with family advocates who complete intake assessments and evaluations The family advocates are key to linking the families with CFS that range from mental health counseling, domestic violence intervention, parenting classes, and supplemental food programs to English Language Classes. The family advocates take their cases to weekly Case Management Team (CMT) meetings. CMT is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals that ensure all available resources are being provided for the families. Based on prior year statistics, we expect 200 families to complete their individualized case plans in the upcoming year. Of those families, we anticipate that 90%, or 180 families will show improvement in at least one of the five protective factors of strong families, based on the identified needs of each family.

Program Success Monitored By 

The Family Development Matrix (FDM) assessment tool measures attitudes and indicators on a scale from 1-5 in order to assess a family’s situation, with 1 being least stable and 5 being most stable. The FDM measures strengths as well as areas of concern and is administered during the initial intake session to provide a baseline measurement. Another assessment is given at the 90 day point, designating the status level for family progress across all indicators. Improvement in any of the indicators by 1 point or more is considered a successful outcome. Subsequent assessments are given, depending upon the family’s needs and the recommendation of the family advocate, ending with a final assessment at the completion of the case plan.

Examples of Program Success 

One weekday this past year, Friendly Center received a call from the local school district asking if we could provide assistance for a family whose apartment had just burned a few hours earlier. The family lost everything they owned. One of Friendly Center’s family advocates immediately met with the distraught mother and was able to provide the family with emergency food, food cards to grocery stores, gift cards for clothing, and provided them with other resources to help with the family’s basic needs, including backpacks with school supplies for the children. Luckily the family was able to move in with a neighbor. The family was linked to counseling to help them deal with their loss and they were connected to all of Friendly Center’s supplemental food programs. At Christmas, the family was adopted by one of our generous holiday donors and by the end of the year, the family was able to move into a new apartment, rebuilding their lives with help from our Comprehensive Family Services.


CEO/Executive Director Cathy Seelig
CEO Term Start Apr 1998
CEO Email [email protected]
CEO Experience

Cathy Seelig, Executive Director, has been with Friendly Center since 1998. Cathy has been responsible for the accelerated growth of the Center during her tenure. With the assistance of capable staff and volunteers, new programs and services have been developed in response to the needs of the community. She has established partnerships with other organizations and agencies and developed relationships with local businesses and churches. Friendly Center has grown from one family resource center to four located in the cities of Orange, Placentia, and Stanton. Friendly Center’s budget has grown from under $100,000 to $3 million. Prior to Friendly Center, Cathy was the Coordinator of Children and Adult Ministries at the First United Methodist Church in Orange. 

Former CEOs and Terms

Name Start End
-- -- --

Senior Staff

Name Title Experience/Biography
Arian Ghiacy Director of Development --
Karen Tyson Director of Programs --


Award Awarding Organization Year
-- -- --


Affiliation Year
-- --

External Assessments and Accreditations

External Assessment or Accreditation Year
-- --



Staff Information

Number of Full Time Staff 15
Number of Part Time Staff 11
Number of Volunteers 650
Number of Contract Staff 0
Staff Retention Rate % 75%
Staff Professional Development Yes

Staff Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: --
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 3
Caucasian: 4
Hispanic/Latino: 19
Native American/American Indian: --
Other: --
Other (if specified): --
Gender Female: 25
Male: 1
Not Specified --

Plans & Policies

Organization has Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Organization has Strategic Plan? Under Development
Years Strategic Plan Considers --
Management Succession Plan --
Organization Policies And Procedures Yes
Business Continuity of Operations Plan --

Risk Management Provisions

Nondiscrimination Policy Yes
Whistle Blower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes

Reporting and Evaluations

Management Reports to Board? Yes
CEO Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Senior Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually
Non Management Formal Evaluation and Frequency Yes Annually

Government Licenses


CEO Comments


Foundation Comments



Board Chair Christine Tang
Board Chair Company Affiliation Modern Wealth Advisors LLC
Board Chair Term -
Board Co-Chair --
Board Co-Chair Company Affiliation --
Board Co-Chair Term -

Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
Vito Canuso III Consultant Voting
Dennis Corbett Pacific Life Insurance Co. Voting
Ken Fisher Pacific LIfe --
Kathleen Juniper-Aust Buchalter Law Firm --
Gisela Meier Community Leader Voting
Jack Raubolt -- --
Mark Richards Associated Warehouses, Inc. Voting
Christine Tang Modern Wealth Advisors LLC Voting

Constituent Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Youth Board Members

Name Company Affiliations Status
-- -- --

Additional Board Members and Affiliations

Name Company Affiliations Status
Randy Barth Think Together --
Diana Fascenelli Fascenelli & Associates --
Dawn Reese The Wooden Floor --
Joh Sibley Retired --
Fred Whitaker Cummins & White LLP --

Board Demographics

Ethnicity African American/Black: 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 1
Caucasian: 8
Hispanic/Latino: 0
Native American/American Indian: 0
Other: 0
Other (if specified): 0
Gender Female: 3
Male: 6
Not Specified 0

Board Information

Board Term Lengths 3
Board Term Limits --
Board Meeting Attendance % 76%
Written Board Selection Criteria --
Written Conflict Of Interest Policy --
Percentage of Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage of In-Kind Contributions 100%
Board Orientation Yes

CEO Comments


Foundation Comments


Standing Committees

  • By-laws
  • Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
  • Finance
  • Nominating
  • Special Events (Golf Tournament, Walk / Run, Silent Auction, Dinner / Gala)


Revenue vs. Expense ($000s)

Expense Breakdown 2018 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2017 (%)

Expense Breakdown 2016 (%)

Fiscal Year Jan 01, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019
Projected Revenue $3,500,000.00
Projected Expenses $3,500,000.00
Form 990s

2018 Form 990

2017 Form 990

2016 Form 990

2015 Form 990

2014 Form 990

2013 Form 990

2012 Form 990

Audit Documents

2018 2018 Audit

2017 2017 Audit

2016 2016 Audit

2015 2015 Audit

2014 2014 Audit

IRS Letter of Exemption

IRS Letter of Determination

Prior Three Years Total Revenue and Expense Totals

Fiscal Year 2018 2017 2016
Total Revenue $3,606,918 $2,975,392 $2,927,777
Total Expenses $3,606,394 $2,819,632 $2,904,102

Prior Three Years Revenue Sources

Revenue By Revenue Source
Fiscal Year 2018 2017 2016
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
$2,703,756 $153,990 $112,191
Government Contributions $675,566 $884,616 $872,242
    Federal -- -- --
    State -- -- --
    Local -- -- --
    Unspecified $675,566 $884,616 $872,242
Individual Contributions -- -- --
Indirect Public Support -- -- --
Earned Revenue $99,115 $96,702 $94,518
Investment Income, Net of Losses $4,743 $3,550 $2,246
Membership Dues -- -- --
Special Events $119,484 $145,294 $131,778
Revenue In-Kind -- $1,691,707 $1,713,235
Other $4,254 $-467 $1,567

Prior Three Years Expense Allocations

Expense By Type
Fiscal Year 2018 2017 2016
Program Expense $3,352,940 $2,587,920 $2,658,259
Administration Expense $121,009 $118,493 $129,662
Fundraising Expense $132,445 $113,219 $116,181
Payments to Affiliates -- -- --
Total Revenue/Total Expenses 1.00 1.06 1.01
Program Expense/Total Expenses 93% 92% 92%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue 4% 10% 10%

Prior Three Years Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year 2018 2017 2016
Total Assets $1,258,366 $1,267,652 $1,176,985
Current Assets $1,197,414 $1,214,681 $1,117,373
Long-Term Liabilities -- -- $41,655
Current Liabilities $100,236 $110,046 $133,484
Total Net Assets $1,158,130 $1,157,606 $1,001,846

Short Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2018 2017 2016
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities 11.95 11.04 8.37

Long Term Solvency

Fiscal Year 2018 2017 2016
Long-term Liabilities/Total Assets 0% 0% 4%
Endowment Value --
Spending Policy --
Percentage(If selected) --
Are you currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Purpose --
Campaign Goal --
Capital Campaign Dates -
Capital Campaign Raised-to-Date Amount --
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No

CEO Comments


Foundation Comments

Summary financial data is per the audited financial statements and Form 990s and consultation with the organization.


Other Documents

No Other Documents currently available.